Neotropical Birding

Published by the Neotropical Bird Club, Neotropical Birding is the only birding magazine to focus exclusively on the Neotropics and is packed with articles on all aspects of birding in the region. In full colour throughout, the magazine comes out twice each year, once in spring and once in fall. Shortly after publication, the table of contents of each issue, plus the first page of major articles, are posted on this website.

Inspired by feedback from the NBCā€™s membership, Neotropical Birding publishes articles of practical use for those birding in the Caribbean, Middle and South America. Features on rare birds and conservation sit alongside overviews of birding sites and taxonomy, while identification workshops focusing on tricky species groups, accompanied by sumptuous colour photographs throughout.

Articles from five recent issues ofĀ Neotropical BirdingĀ (published 2019ā€“21) include:

  • Features on the most spectacular Neotropical discoveries in the previous 25 years, the best bird books since the Neotropical Bird Club was founded, the recent revolution in antpitta viewing, the South American Bird Fair, lockdown birding in Argentina, Scytalopus tapaculos and the Global Bird Weekend;
  • Conservation-oriented articles on the IUCN Red List in the Neotropics, the complexities of the Amazon bird trade, mapping Chileā€™s birds, how taxonomy impacts conservation, how conservation action prevents extinction, saving GalĆ”pagos landbirds and conserving Andean Condor;
  • Tales of ā€˜cutting-edgeā€™ birding in the Neotropics, such as the discovery of Blue-throated Hillstar (an Ecuadorian endemic new to science), tracking down Yellow-eared Toucanet (Peru) and voyages of discovery on Providencia island (Colombia);
  • A birder-oriented series on the latest taxonomic changes, written by stellar Neotropical ornithologist Tom Schulenberg;
  • Details of birding sites such as Intervales (Brazil), Amazon lodges (Ecuador), the ā€˜Montezuma Roadā€™ (Colombia), Lago de Yojoa (Honduras) and Uakari Lodge (Brazil);
  • Birding itineraries in Mexico (Acapulco to Veracruz), Uruguay and Ecuador (the ā€˜Jocotoco southern circuitā€™);
  • Guides to prime locations to see globally threatened or otherwise exciting birds such as Rufous-crowned Antpitta (Ecuador), Antioquia Brushfinch (Colombia), White-winged Guan (Peru), and ā€˜Goldmanā€™s Warblerā€™ (Guatemala);
  • Articles on globally threatened birds such asĀ Junin Grebe, Grey-bellied Comet and Antioquia Brushfinch;
  • Identification articles on Argentine tyrannulets and Junin Grebe; and
  • Photospots on Three-wattled Bellbird (the NBCā€™s logo), Crescent-faced Antpitta, Ocellated Crake and the recently split Yucatan Gnatcatcher.

Recent feedback from readers:

“Congratulations on an especially excellent issue of Neotropical Birding: it is rare for me to want to read every single bit of any journal these days, but this one met the mark.”

“Really like what you are doing with the NBC and the magazines are great!”

Sample Articles from Neotropical Birding

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