Supporting Membership – Replaces Sponsoring Membership

In the past few years we have found it increasingly difficult to find enough suitable recipients for sponsored memberships.  With this in mind from 2020 this category has been replaced by “Supporting Member”.  Whilst members can still use  “Supporting Membership” to sponsor a “Neotropical National Member*” of their choice, if the member does not nominate a recipient, the NBC will try to find a suitable person to support.  Should this prove impossible, part of the payment will be taken as an unrestricted donation to the NBC.

Becoming a “Supporting Member” gives you the benefits of an Individual Membership and the balance either pays for an Individual Membership for a nominated Neotropical National who cannot afford the membership fee or is taken as an unrestricted donation to the NBC.  Please note that you do not need to nominate a recipient, but if you wish to do so, please ensure you supply details of your nominated Neotropical National, including an email address.

There are two types of “Supporting Membership” depending on how you choose to receive your publications, either paper or digital. In either case if you nominated a Neotropical National they will receive their magazines digitally.  You will both receive two issues of Neotropical Birding and one volume of Cotinga. The two publications are complementary, and both fill unique niches in the bird publications market.

Prices for paper copies for you and digital copies for your nominated Neotropical National are $80 / £45 / €65

Prices for digital copies for both you and your nominated Neotropical National are $60 / £43 / €52

* Our definition of a ‘Neotropical National’ is a citizen of any of the countries from Mexico to Chile & Argentina including all of the Caribbean island states.