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Sound recordings

A useful source for recordings of the vocalisations of Neotropical birds is Xeno-canto, which when it was first set up only covered Neotropical species, but now covers the whole world. Sound recordings can be listened to on the site, or downloaded: Xeno-canto

Another useful source is the Macaulay Library of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. This contains a vast archive of Neotropical sound recordings: Macaulay Library

Photographs and videos

Lynx, the Spanish publisher of The Handbook of the Birds of the World and other titles, used to run a superb website called The Internet Bird Collection which held hundreds of thousands of photographs and videos of thousands of Neotropical species.  This has now been passed to the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology in the USA and incorporated with their Birds of the World project.  Access is no longer free but can be obtained with a modest annual subscription.  Details here.

Submit your records/sightings to eBird gathers bird observations and freely shares them to power new, data-driven approaches to science, conservation, and education. eBird also provides free tools that make birding more rewarding— allowing birders to track and manage their birding activity and explore bird sightings anywhere in the world. The eBird Mobile app makes finding and reporting birds even easier by harnessing the power of your mobile device. To start using eBird, take the free, self-paced eBird Essentials course or visit Get started with eBird.

In addition to the main eBird site there are also Regional Portals for a number of Neotropical countries and details of these can be found here.

iGoTerra checklists

We are delighted that iGoTerra has agreed to make its Neotropical country checklists available to NBC members free-of-charge through this website.  The bird checklists offer a choice of IOC or Clements taxonomy and there are also checklist available for other species groups including mammals, reptiles, butterflies, etc.  For full details click here.

Species lists

The website of the South American Classification Committee (SACC) offers a full list of the birds of South America following a democratically determined taxonomy. In addition it also offers full species lists for every South American country: SACC

The website of the American Ornithologists Union includes a page dedicated to the work of its North American Classification Committee (NACC) which maintains an up-to-date list of the birds of North and Middle America. This is available for download free of charge: NACC

Trip reports

The website of Cloudbirders offers a geographical index to hundreds of trip reports about visits to Neotropical countries: Cloudbirders

Discussion groups

NEOORN is an email bulletin board devoted to disseminating information on the biology of Neotropical birds. Its primary purpose is to improve communication among those working on Neotropical birds. NEOORN is open to anyone interested in Neotropical birds: NEOORN

Other organisations

The Neotropical Ornithological Society (NOS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the scientific study of birds and their habitats in the Neotropical Region.  On its website it gives a long list of links to organisations within the Neotropics that are bird-related: NOS resources list

Other information

Information on Neotropical Migratory Birds: Smithsonian National Zoo