Neotropical Birding Editorial Guidelines

Neotropical Birding and Conservation’s magazine Neotropical Birding, published twice per year, provides a forum for articles on identification, birding sites and other information expected to be of use or interest to birders living in or visiting the Neotropics. ­We take pride in publishing good-­quality images of rarely photographed species, and authors should take care to provide suitable digital files.

Contributions should be in English and are considered by the Editor and an Editorial Committee, and accepted subject to editing. All contributions or enquiries should be sent by e-mail to

Guidelines for ­contributors

Articles should be written clearly. Vernacular and scientific names should appear together at the first mention of a species, following which English names should be used alone. Names should where possible follow those of the South American Checklist Committee (see SACC: or the American Ornithologists’ Union (1998 and subsequent updates; for Middle American and Caribbean birds). For compound bird names (e.g. Quail-Dove, tyrant flycatcher), follow the rules agreed by the International Ornithological Congress (see References should be cited in alphabetical order at the end of the paper in the same style as the current edition of Neotropical Birding. Internet sites/pages and unpublished reports are acceptable as references, but should only be cited in extremis.

Graphics files should be sent by e-mail, if possible. Please note that the editors reserve the right to reject any submissions that do not conform to the guidelines presented here. All contributions may be subject to peer review by one or more independent referees. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to make changes that it deems necessary, and, in the minimum of cases, without prior reference to the author. Maps are welcome, but we cannot accept copyrighted material. It is assumed that all contributors submitting material understand and accept these ­conditions.

Articles can be submitted at any time and will be published as soon as possible following acceptance by the Editorial ­Committee.

Any person submitting a manuscript, photographs or other materials for possible publication in Cotinga or Neotropical Birding must own all relevant intellectual property rights. At the time of submission, all intellectual property rights in text will be assigned to Neotropical Birding and Conservation and a perpetual, royalty-free licence will be granted to Neotropical Birding and Conservation to print and use photographs and other images. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to ensure that all relevant rights are capable of being transferred or licensed to the NBC. Where this is not possible, the author(s) should make the NBC aware of any restrictions on the use of materials and will be responsible for any loss of the NBC resulting from any infringement or alleged infringement of the intellectual property rights of any third party. Any intellectual property rights transferred or licensed to the NBC as described above shall revert to the author or authors or be cancelled (as applicable) only in the event of rejection or withdrawal of the manuscript.