Our Mission

NBC is dedicated to:

  • supporting research into, and conservation of, Neotropical birds; and
  • advancing the education of the public in Neotropical birds.


These two purposes have framed our work throughout our history of more than 25 years as a members’ charitable organisation operated by a Council of trustees who are elected by the membership.

Our Strategic Objectives

To achieve our Mission we concentrate on three principal strategic objectives, namely:

  • supporting conservation and research of Neotropical birds;
  • gathering, producing and disseminating information about Neotropical birds and their conservation; and
  • governing NBC in a way to ensure conservation and education objectives are achieved whilst maintaining financial security and good governance standards.


Our Planned Actions

In pursuit of these three strategic objectives our plans in the medium term (2023-2027) include the following actions:

  • operate a Conservation Awards Programme (CAP) that focuses on conserving endangered Neotropical birds;
  • raise sufficient funds so that a number of small grants (US$ 1,000 to 5000) can be awarded twice annually;
  • publicise the existence of CAP and results of grants awarded in order to encourage applications from Neotropical conservationists and more donations;
  • publish annually a peer-reviewed journal with science-based articles (Cotinga);
  • publish twice a year a magazine with articles written for, and by, Neotropical field birders (Neotropical Birding);
  • provide to the general public, topical information concerning Neotropical birds and their conservation through, for example, our website and social media accounts;
  • collaborate with other organisations working on bird conservation or education;
  • comply with not only the letter but also the spirit of regulations and recommendations made by our regulatory body-the Charity Commission for England and Wales; and
  • adhere to recognised principles of good governance for small charities; transparency concerning our operations and finances; and diversity and inclusivity in respect of our internal and external relationships.