Neotropical Birding 27 Autumn 2020


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5       Don’t cry for us, we’re in Argentina!

Steve James


15   Jocotoco’s southern circuit

María Lorena Córdova Saeteros


31   Celebrating Scytalopus

Thomas S. Schulenberg


40   Birding Uakari Lodge in Brazil’s Mamirauá reserve

Pedro Meloni Nassar


49   How does a major taxonomic revision of the world’s birds impact Neotropical conservation?

Ashley Simkins

 Globally Threatened Bird

55   Rediscovered: seeing the Critically Endangered Antioquia Brushfinch

Henry Cook and Sophie Barrell


60   Splits, lumps and shuffles

Thomas S. Schulenberg


68   Photospot: Yucatan Gnatcatcher

Steve N. G. Howell


74   Seeing White-winged Guan, a Peruvian endemic

Miguel Lezama


77   Birds of Ecuador

Rob Williams

78   Lynx illustrated checklist of the mammals of the Southern Cone: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

James Lowen


79   NBC Noticeboard

Chris Balchin

 FRONT COVER and inset

Male Long-tailed Sylph Aglaiocercus kingii, R√≠o Blanco, Caldas, Colombia, June 2017 (Josh Jones 8¬† A species likely to be seen on ‚ÄėJocotoco‚Äôs southern circuit‚Äô in Ecuador (p15).