Neotropical Birding Lodges Network

Through this project the Club aims to establish a network of conservation-minded lodges across the Neotropical region that try to offer exciting opportunities for birdwatching. As the network grows in numbers, and reputation, we envisage that birdwatching tourists will tailor their itineraries to stay at lodges that are members of the Network, in preference to those that are not.

When applying for membership applicants are required by the Club to set out their conservation ethos. (However, note that membership of the Network does not imply endorsement in any form by the Club itself). Membership is valid for one year, and all lodges in the Network will receive a certificate to show that they are a member of the Network. A sample certificate appears below.

By joining the network lodges are demonstrating their commitment to conservation because their membership fee is a contribution to the Club’s Conservation Awards program. This popular grants scheme is used to fund small conservation projects on threatened birds throughout the region.


Is there a lodge you think would be a good addition?

To join the network, lodges are invited to contact the club for details. Membership is US$100 per lodge per year and each lodge will be entitled to a shared advert in Neotropical Birding, a certificate of membership and promotion at the British Birdwatching Fair.

If the lodge you are visiting is not displaying a certificate then encourage them to have a look at this web site.