Conservation Fund Application Process

Applications are assessed twice each year, with deadlines on 1st January and 1st July. An initial assessment is made by a conservation sub-committee following peer review, and the applications that best match the aims of the programme must then be approved by the Club’s full Council. You will be informed of the outcome of your application as soon as possible thereafter (within 3 months of the application deadline).

Awards are made subject to the following conditions:

  • Recipients undertake the project at their own risk. The Neotropical Bird Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury which might occur during the implementation of a project.
  • Recipients of an award are acting on their own behalf. The name of the Neotropical Bird Club must not be used as a means to gain access to restricted areas, institutions or persons nor as a justification for undertaking research without proper authority.
  • Recipients of the award are required to provide:
    • a short project update immediately following completion of the project (for publication in the Conservation Awards section of Neotropical Birding), and further updates to the NBC as and when the project results in publications, online articles etc. One of the judging criteria for applications is the likelihood of dissemination of results. Therefore demonstrating and implementing a plan for publication is important and will strengthen any future re-applications to the programme.

Recipients of the award are encouraged to provide copies of these and other publications – including any project reports – to host country organisations.

  • The NBC reserves the right to publish and distribute any information arising from any project report as it deems best to further the cause of conservation. Receipt of the NBC conservation award must be acknowledged in all publications.
  • Recipients of the grant will be required to send five photographs concerning the project to NBC for non-commercial publicity and promotion, including potential publication in Neotropical Birding. Photographers will retain the copyright.
  • The culture and laws of the country and the wishes of people in authority should be respected at all times.
  • The NBC will consider applications involving collecting only where a strong case is made for significant conservation benefit through judicious collecting. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and applicants must already have the necessary in-country permissions to undertake such work. Unless the NBC provides explicit written permission to do so, recipients must not collect any bird specimens during fieldwork supported by the programme.
  • If for any reason the project is cancelled, or indefinitely postponed, the award will be returned to the club.

Conservation Awards Committee, Neotropical Bird Club