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facebook_icon_smtwitter_iconThe Neotropical Bird Club is an international organisation for birders and ornithologists interested in the birds of the Neotropics (Middle & South America and the Caribbean). The NBC has been helping to conserve the birds of the Neotropics since 1994.  The NBC carries out various activities and the pages of this website describe them in detail.  A full description of the NBC’s activities can be found on the About NBC page, but for those who prefer to skip straight to the main pages, our publications Cotinga and Neotropical Birding are described on the NBC publications page, and our conservation work is described here: Conservation. Having learned about what we do we hope you’ll decide to join the NBC and details of how to do so are described on the Join & Support page. The NBC’s corporate members are shown in the column to the right and we thank them for their support.

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Latest news:

This year’s AGM to be held in London on 17 September – details.

Blue-eye Ground-dove rediscovered after a gap of 75 years.  Brazilian ornithologist Rafael Bessa recently announced that he has rediscovered the beautiful Blue-eyed Ground-dove that had been feared extinct due to the last sighting being in 1941.  He has found a small population of about a dozen birds in the state of Minas Gerais.  Full details here.

New editor for Neotropical Birding:  After three years of successfully editing the club’s magazine Chris Sharpe has handed over the reins to James Lowen.  We would like to thank Chris for all his hard work and wish him well in his future ventures.  Those who were members of the club a decade ago may recall that James edited a number of issues of Neotropical Birding when we first launched it, so we welcome him back into that position once again.

Free publications: Issues 1-31 of Cotinga are now available for free download via this website. The NBC is grateful to Steve Smith for creating digital copies of the first 19 volumes of the journal. Click here: Cotinga 1-31

UPDATE to forthcoming trips: the NBC Fundraiser to Chile in November 2016 has been extended to include the Juan Fernandez islands to search for the endemic tit-tyrant and firecrown plus the eponymous petrel, as well as Kermadec, Masatierra and Stejneger’s Petrels. For the full itinerary and booking details please visit here.  For details of a our NBC tour Costa Rica in 2017 please see here.

The photographs on this website were taken by David Fisher and Alex Lees, unless otherwise credited.

El Neotropical Bird Club (NBC) es una organización internacional creada para los observadores de aves y ornitólogos interesados en las aves que se distribuyen en el Neotrópico (Meso, Sur América y el Caribe). El NBC ha contribuido a la conservación de las aves del Neotrópico desde 1994. El Club lleva a cabo diversas actividades y las pestañas de este sitio web las describen en detalle. Un retrato completo de las actividades de la NBC se puede encontrar en la pestaña llamada Acerca del NBC, pero para aquellos que prefieren pasar directamente a las páginas principales, nuestras revistas Cotinga y Neotropical Birding se describen en la pestaña de publicaciones del NBC, y nuestro trabajo de conservación se describe en Conservación. Una vez que ha conocido acerca de lo que hacemos esperamos que decida unirse al NBC, los detalles de cómo hacerlo se describen en la pestaña Únete y Apoya. Los miembros corporativos del NBC se muestran en la columna a la derecha y les agradecemos por su apoyo.