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Club News

Now available: Cotinga 37 online

The online version of Cotinga 37 is available now; individual articles can be accessed from the table of contents.

For the previous four issues of Continga online, see the table of contents for:

Neotropical Birding Index

The index for Neotropical Birding for volumes 10 to 13 is now available. Click here to download a copy.

Articles for Neotropical Birding

We are looking to commission articles for future issues of Neotropical Birding for our regular columns. If you:

  • have an idea for a feature on Neotropical birds;
  • want to share your experiences of birding at the cutting edge;
  • fancy telling birders about great birding sites;
  • would like to push back the frontiers of bird identification;
  • have advice on how readers can improve their Neotropical birding;
  • want to showcase high quality colour photos of rarer birds

Please discuss your idea with the editor at neotropical.birding@neotropicalbirdclub.org.

Over the medium term we would like publish more articles on neotropical bird identification, and are especially interested to receive manuscripts on this theme. Progne martins, Empidonax flycatchers, pewees, Myiarchus flycatchers, prions, Sporophila, nightjars, Cypseloides swifts, Chaetura swifts, Picumnus species limits, anyone?

We seek experts to tackle all of these tough groups by producing excellent quality, cutting-edge ID features along the lines of the 1980s Kaufman-Whitney Empidonax articles in Birding or the Jonsson-Grant stints and peeps article from British Birds, but with a Neotropical focus.

So there's a challenge for all Neotropical birders and ornithologists!

Further information, together with sample articles, can be found on our web page: http://www.neotropicalbirdclub.org/pages/neobirding.asp.

Gift Aid — Give more without giving more!

Are you a UK taxpayer? If so, have you filled out a Gift Aid form for the club yet? By doing so, you can increase the amount of your donation by 20% or more, at no additional cost to you. The government's Gift Aid scheme allows registered charities like the Neotropical Bird Club to reclaim the basic tax rate (currently 20%) on the gross equivalent of your contribution. For every £10 you pay in subscriptions or donations, the club can claim £2.50. Though these amounts may seem small, they certainly add up; our recent Gift Aid claim netted £891.18 in additional funds! Help us to boost the club’s funds by sending your Gift Aid form today.

Neotropical Birding Lodges Network Announced

The Neotropical Bird Club is pleased to announce its ‘Neotropical Birding Lodges Network’ — a group of birding lodges in Central/South America and the Caribbean that try to offer exciting opportunities for birdwatching and share an interest in promoting bird conservation.

Now Available: Back issues of Neotropical Birding

Due to overwhelming demand from both members and non-members, the NBC council has elected to make individual back issues of Neotropical Birding (for those years prior to the current year and last year) available for sale for £9 each. The price includes shipping and handling, and there is no limit on the number of issues you can order. If you’ve missed an issue or two — or if you’d like to share a past issue with a friend — now’s your chance! To place an order, click here.

Bulletin Board

Helping on Neotropical Birding

Now that Neotropical Birding is well established, we are looking to add new members to our editorial team. If you have ideas for articles that should be commissioned, a flair for design, an eye for an image and/or expertise in copy-editing, please e-mail us at neotropical.birding-at-neotropicalbirdclub.org. (Replace -at- with @; we’re displaying the address this way to help us avoid unwanted spam.)

Neotropical Notebook: invitation to submit records

If you have significant records - new country records, first state records, range extensions and other noteworthy observations - that you are willing to share, we encourage you to submit them by e-mail to our editor, for publication in our next Neotropical Notebook. The deadlines are 31 October for our Spring issue, and 31 March for our Autumn issue, but we would welcome submissions at any time.

Chris Sharpe - Senior Editor
E-mail: neotropical.birding@neotropicalbirdclub.org

NBC on Facebook

NBC now has its own Facebook Group, entitled Neotropical Bird Club. If you are a Facebook member, please join the group, post photos, and take part in discussions! The URL is http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=31491408108


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