Articles for Neotropical Birding

We are looking to commission articles for future issues of Neotropical Birding for our regular columns. If you:

  • have an idea for a feature on Neotropical birds;
  • want to share your experiences of birding at the cutting edge;
  • fancy telling birders about great birding sites;
  • would like to push back the frontiers of bird identification;
  • have advice on how readers can improve their Neotropical birding;
  • want to showcase high quality colour photos of rarer birds

Please discuss your idea with the editor at

Over the medium term we would like publish more articles on Neotropical bird identification, and are especially interested to receive manuscripts on this theme. Progne martins, Empidonax flycatchers, pewees, Myiarchus flycatchers, prions, Sporophila seedeaters, nightjars, Cypseloides swifts, Chaetura swifts, Picumnus species limits, anyone?

We seek experts to tackle all of these tough groups by producing excellent quality, cutting-edge ID features along the lines of the 1980s Kaufman-Whitney Empidonax articles in Birding or the Jonsson-Grant stints and peeps article from British Birds, but with a Neotropical focus.

So there’s a challenge for all Neotropical birders and ornithologists!

Further information, together with sample articles, can be found on our web page: