Keeping in touch with the NBC

We (that is the Neotropical Bird Club (registered charity no. 1040130) or “the NBC” for short), take very seriously the way we use, take care of and share, your personal data (such as, your name and address). For example, we would never sell your personal data or share it with others for marketing purposes. You can find more information on how we use your personal data in our Privacy & Cookies Notice.

By law we may use personal data in various ways, such as, to provide you with membership benefits, to process orders for NBC merchandise you purchase and to give notice of annual general meetings. However, to provide you with certain other information (whether by email or post) we must have your prior consent (known as an “opt-in”). This is because using your contact details in relation to such information is deemed to be “marketing” by law and such communications require your prior opt-in.

Whilst opting-in is your free choice, we do encourage you to do this. All communications by us will be related to the NBC’s charitable functions i.e. education about, and conservation of, Neotropical birds. Our ability to carry out those functions-from disseminating information about conserving Neotropical birds to raising income to fund our various conservation awards to finding volunteers to run the NBC- is dependent upon being able to contact as many members and supporters as possible.

Accordingly, if you are willing to allow us to provide you with information and materials on the NBC’s:

  • announcements;
  • events;
  • fundraising (e.g. trips and raffle tickets);
  • volunteering opportunities; and
  • developments in your country or region

please follow the instructions below.

Remember you can at any time withdraw or amend your opt-in by following the instructions below as if you were opting-in for the first time. Alternatively, you may email or write to us at the address given on this website.


If you have opted-in and there is a change your contact details,  please update your opt-in as described above.

Thank you for agreeing to opt-in and thereby supporting the conservation of Neotropical birds. Please complete the fields below as appropriate.

Thank you.