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Neotropical Birding

The Neotropical Bird Club has now published fourteen issues of Neotropical Birding magazine. Check out the table of contents of the latest issue, published this spring, or the previous issue, published in the autumn of 2013.

We now have a complete index to volumes 1–9. Articles are listed in four ways: by title, by author, by country and by species. You can peruse the index online, or download it onto your computer; just be aware, the file is more than 11 MB in size.

Neotropical Birding is the only birding magazine to focus exclusively on the Neotropics and is packed with articles on all aspects of birding in the region. Since 2009, the Club has been publishing two issues of Neotropical Birding per year.

Inspired by feedback from the Club’s membership, Neotropical Birding publishes articles of practical use for those birding in the Caribbean, South and Central America. Features on rare birds and conservation sit alongside overviews of birding sites and identification workshops focusing on tricky species groups, accompanied by sumptuous colour photographs throughout.

Birding World magazine described Neotropical Birding as “an excellent, readable publication for keen birders, and crammed with mouth-watering colour photographs of sought-after birds”.

Articles from the first ten issues of Neotropical Birding include:

  • “Antpitta Paradise: A 2010 Update” – a look at the new (and highly effective) techniques that lodges and reserves are using to improve the chances that their clients see antpittas;

  • “Lost and found” – a review of some of the Neotropical birds that have not been seen for many years and others that have recently been rediscovered;

  • A series on the Important Bird Areas of the Neotropics, featuring Panama, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala and Ecuador so far;

  • Identification articles on mollymawk albatrosses, Mantled Hawk, Little Woodstar, Anthracothorax hummingbirds and various tyrant-flycatchers;

  • Birding overviews of Chile’s Humboldt Current, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, northern Peru, north-east Brazil, El Salvador, Paraguay and Bolivia;

  • A series on birding in major Neotropical cities ( Capital Birding ), including Buenos Aires, Quito, Mexico City and Santiago de Chile;

  • Details of birding sites such as Hato El Cedral in Venezuela, several sites in Ecuador, the Brazilian Pantanal, Manu Biosphere Reserve and a white-sand forest in Peru, and good locations for threatened birds such as Stresemann’s Bristlefront, White-bearded Antshrike and Chilean Woodstar;

  • Articles on globally threatened birds such as Hooded Grebe and Araripe Manakin;

  • A birder-oriented series on the latest taxonomic changes;

  • Photospots including the first-ever published photos of White-winged Potoo.

Sample Articles from Neotropical Birding


Join the Neotropical Bird Club to receive two issues of Neotropical Birding and one issue of Cotinga annually. Memberships cost only US$40/£21, and help to support our research grant programme.


Do you have an idea for a feature on some aspect of Neotropical birds or birding? Do you want to tell other birders about a great birding site in the Neotropics—or your experiences of tracking down a particularly exciting species? Can you help other birders identify members of a tricky genus? Would you like to share your research about a globally threatened bird that you have studied? Or would you like to showcase your photographs of a rare or poorly known bird? If so, the Editorial Committee of Neotropical Birding would like to hear from you. Please send your idea by e-mail to: neotropical.birding@neotropicalbirdclub.org. Thanks!

If you’d like to submit an article, be sure to check out our contributor guidelines.



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