Neotropical Birding 20


2     Welcome to Neotropical Birding 20

James Lowen


3     Birding’s World Cup: Global Big Day (13 May 2017)

Ian Davies

 Better Neotropical Birding

9     Developing a key to bird songs along Panama’s Pipeline Road using xeno-canto recordings

Kent Livezey

Birding at the cutting edge

15  First photographs of White-fronted Swift Cypseloides storeri, a poorly known Mexican endemic

Christopher J. Sharpe, Andrew Spencer, Nathan Pieplow and Brian Gibbons

21 A mysterious antshrike from eastern Colombia

Pablo Florez

 Splits, lumps, shuffles

25  Splits, lumps and shuffles

Thomas S. Schulenberg

Birding Sites

33 Birding Serra dos Órgãos and Guapimirim, Rio de Janeiro

Daniel Mello AND Gabriel Mello

43 Birding Ecuador’s seventh heaven

James Lowen

Conservation Awards

56 Conservation Awards

Compiled by Jez Bird


64 Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil: the Atlantic Forest of Southeast Brazil

Guy Kirwan

66 Peterson field guide to the birds of northern Central America

Katinka Domen

68 Birds of northern South America: an identification guide. All birds Ecuador version

James Lowen


71 Fuegian Snipe on Cape Horn!

Fabrice Schmitt

Club noticeboard

77 Club noticeboard

Compiled by Chris Balchin


Moss-backed Tanager Bangsia edwardsi is a sought-after Chocó endemic, here photographed at Mashpi Lodge, Pichincha, Ecuador in November 2016 (James Lowen; www.